Adobe Lightroom 1.1 Released

Adobe released Lightroom 1.1 update today. The Readme Doc talks about the details, but the key items I see included in this update are:

  • General improvements
    • Eject after import option when importing from removable media (i.e., compact flash, SecureDigital)
    • Improvements in Preferences organization
  • Library module improvements
    • Merging of catalog imports into an existing catalog (useful when working on laptop and desktop computers sharing a catalog)
    • Synchronize folder option now finds new photos and update meta data from original file location.
  • Metadata improvements
    • Hierarchical keywords are now supported. This looks like the implementation of Dan Heller’s recommendation and should work with the CS3 Bridge’s implementation.
    • improvements to the metadata presets.
  • Develop module improvements
    • Clarity option to control local contrast
    • Additional controls for sharpening (I might actually start using sharpening in LR now…we’ll see)

I just installed (on Windows XP Pro) and haven’t had time to test out 1.1 yet, but my first impression is that I’m a bit disappointed that it installed itself as a separate install of LR. I now have 1.0 and 1.1 installed in different directories. This seems strange as it is different behavior than all other software upgrades. I would have expected the behavior to be the standard windows upgrade behavior. Not sure why this is, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

I’m looking forward to the Hierarchical keywords (listen to Jim Goldstein’s latest EXIF and Beyond podcast interview with Dan Heller for more on why this is important…I agree with the thinking behind it and support it whole heartedly!). Now for the online services and search indexes to start supporting it…

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