Cambridge Photographer Sean T. McHugh

About a year ago, I somehow came across Sean T. McHugh’s Cambridge in Color photography site. While I don’t remember exactly when I found his site or how, I know that I will never forget the imagery from Sean’s photography. The site consists of images from and around Cambridge University in England. When I first browsed through the photos, I was simple amazed by Sean’s work. I still have that same feeling every time I go back there.

Sean uses a number of digital photography techniques to create his images including depth of field, field of view, and dynamic range. His images are the best examples of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography that I have seen to date. The great thing is that Sean is not shy about sharing the details of his techniques. If you are interested in how he does it, check out his techniques as well as his digital photography tutorials pages on his site.

I usually end up showing every photographer that I know Sean’s site. Thus, I appreciate Sean giving me permission to share his work with you via my blog. Treat yourself today by taking some time to browse through Sean’s gallery. I think you will find that you will want to order a few of his prints, just as I do…the problem is that I have such a hard time choosing which ones!

(Note: All photos above copyright Sean McHugh, used with permission. Window Light, displayed on right. Stone Curves, displayed on left. Click on either photo for a larger image.)

2 Replies to “Cambridge Photographer Sean T. McHugh”

  1. I absolutely love Sean McHugh’s work. Cambridge is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but somehow, he manages to make it even more so. I’m an aspiring photographer, and these are the kind of photos I hope to be producing myself one day.


  2. De casualidad llegué, por consejo de un amigo y he quedado fascinado. Lo visitaré con frecuencia y se que aprenderé mucho. Gracias.


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