Jott…Your Personal Secretary

This past weekend I attended a portrait and lighting class in Santa Cruz (more on that shortly). At one point we started talking about location scouting and the value in just taking pictures of areas for future reference, specifically if you are doing some commercial work that requires a certain “look”. One of the challenges of this is to remember where a location is, or some other aspect about the location. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a personal secretary that could record this info for you and then email it to you?

Check out Jott. A free services that provides just that. Set up an account, dial a toll free number, and record up to 30 seconds of a message that will get transcribed and emailed to you (or someone else for that matter if you enter their info into your account). As a photographer, I can see a dozen or more ways to use Jott. Since I have started using this services, I tend to send myself at least two Jotts a day. Whenever it’s easier to record verbal note versus typing up an email on my Palm Treo (this usually involves rush our traffic…).

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  1. Thank you Sooooo much for mentioning Jott. I’m going on a photography road trip and this will be a great way to note where and when the photos were taken. Also, I’d be able to blog from the road. Wonderful!


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