Kodak Moves Back To Innovation

Last week I heard about the new image sensor announcement from Kodak (image to right is of the new sensors, courtesy of Kodak). At the time, I heard about it on NPR on the Marketplace radio program where they interviewed a Kodak executive. The focus was on how Kodak is focusing on innovation of new technologies to help resurrect the ailing company. After having missed the digital evolution of photography, Kodak is now focusing on how they can develop new digital photography technologies and most likely license those technologies to others.

So the new sensor is changing the way the majority of image sensors work in order to provide more light capturing capability in low light situations. The sample images provided by Kodak aren’t as awe inspiring as the story would like you to believe (note the exposure readings on the juggler photo and how it’s not an apples to ables comparison…). But, there is noticeable improvement in the first two images. If your technically inclined, check out the posting on Kodak’s A Thousand Nerds blog about the Color Filter Array 2.0, the new technology behind the sensor. While Kodak marketing has a lot to learn about blogging, it’s an interesting look at the core of the digital cameras that we all take for granted today.

Time will tell if this new sensor will find traction in the market over the current sensor designs and alternative sensors that exist and are being worked on. Either way, I think it’s safe to assume that the technology will continue to advance. And better low light, less noise sensor is one thing I am looking forward to.

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