One-Click WOW Presets for Lightroom

This past weekend, while at the Jeff Luhn’s Portrait and Lighting Workshop, we started talking about Adobe LightRoom. I had mentioned to the students about the One-Click WOW Presents that load into LightRoom and give you large variety of preset’s based upon just one parameter of the image. This allows you to work through the normal image adjusting workflow and make the decision on how to adjust each parameter. Even better, since these are presets, you can just slide your mouse over the list and see the effect immediately in the thumbnail. Great for figuring out quickly what gives the image the best effect! I use these presets daily now and highly recommend you check them out…especially considering they are free!

I am anxiously waiting for more vendors to start porting their plug-ins to Lightroom. I’m sure Adobe is not going to keep Lightroom a locked box. Personally I would love to see the DXO software converted to an Lightroom plugin…hint, hint.

Side Blur: Watch Your ‘L’ Key: I discovered a new shortcut in Lightroom tonight, in a rather shocking way. I was working on some images, entering in meta data when I hit the ‘L’ key and both my monitors went dim. Everything except the image thumbnails. At first I freak out (what the $%@* did I do?). Then I realized that my meta data field wasn’t selected, so rather than typing in that ‘L’, I toggled the “Lights Out Mode”. You can find this option under the Window menu, Lights Out option. It’s a really nice feature that dims all your monitors except the images you currently have selected (so if your in library mode, each selected thumbnail stays normal brightness; in develop, your main image). There are three modes: On, Dim, and Off. And hitting the ‘L’ key (alone) will toggle between them.

Hopefully this information will help you discover this now, before you stumble upon it during an processing session….late at night…in a dark room…and get freaked out like I did.

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