Photo: Man in the Machine

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I was (trying) to run out the door to head to the gym this evening, when my iPod froze on me. After some digging to find out how to reset it (first time it has happened in over a year and a half of use), I was watching it ‘reboot’ when I noticed my image in the screen. I immediatly thought of a photo competition submission I have been working on under the topic of “Joy or Sorrow” and thought, this might work…cause I’m running late and not happy about it.

The above picture was the first take. After returning from the gym I took a few more that you can view on my website. I really like #3, I love added texture from the noise (see Jim Goldstein’s recent posting on The Dirtiest Words in Photography: Noise and Grain for an interesting discussion on this topic. Personally, I have nothing against noise and grain…at the right time.)

While I love this small set of images, I don’t think there is enough of an immediate story behind them for my competition submission. So back to my original plan there…

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