The Vanishing Glacier from Glacier National Park

Today, while doing some research on a photography related quote, I came across a very interesting USGS Repeat Photography Project. This project has been going on since 1997 with the goal of searching the USGS photographic archive and then re-photographing the exact same location to document the change (interestingly enough, this project is part of Climate change research in Glacier National Park, Montana and was started under the previous administration…I usually don’t get into politics on my blog, but I felt this fact needed to be mentioned.)

The image to the right (courtesy of USGS and Glacier National Park Archives) is of the ice cave from the flank of Boulder Glacier. It’s hard to believe that trips to Boulder Glacier used to include exploration of this ice cave. Not only is the cave gone, but you can’t even see the glacier in the second photo. What a difference 56 years makes!

The project’s website contains a number of different images showing various parts of the Park and it’s Glaciers. It’s well worth a few minutes of exploring. When you look at these images, it’s hard to not believe in Global Warming…

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