Photo: Crying Over Spilt Milk

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My entry for LPS Round 7 : Joy or Sorrow. There was something about the challenge of instilling joy or sorrow into a photo using a mannequin that had no expressions…do you think it works?

3 Replies to “Photo: Crying Over Spilt Milk”

  1. This will do very well in that contest. These types of shots are generally received very well. Great shot. The lighting workshop definitely is paying off. Very creative shot Greg.


  2. Very interesting project. I like the surrealism to this shot. It has great lighting. Although I must admit the first thing that came to mind for me with the mannequin’s body language is ‘boxer’ or someone ready to fight. Perhaps a more hunched over or kneeling position might communicate that crying statement you are after??


  3. Good point Mark, I was so close to the setup, I didn’t see the boxing move. The challenge with those mannequins is that they don’t flex as much as a real body. So you can’t get them it a kneeling position. And when I had him hunched over more, you couldn’t see his ‘face’. I’m going to be playing around with this more in my studio next week. I’ll post more as they come out…


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