Photo: Sunset Glow

Something wasn’t sitting well with me all weekend. It was the photo I submitted for the LPS #7 (Joy or Sorrow) photo competition. I couldn’t get the expression I wanted that clearly communicated sorrow from the mannequin I was using (see previous post) — his joints just aren’t flexible enough. Mark’s insightful comment about the ‘boxer’ look also change my view of the image. Along with the fact that I am still more into natural photos versus created one (e.g., capturing the moment versus creating it in the studio). So, this weekend while up river rafting and camping in the Sierra Nevada foothills I saw the moment.

I was sitting around our rafting group’s camp site talking with Kelly (above) enjoying the sunset filtering through the trees. I saw the last few seconds of glow from the sun hitting her face…I pulled out the camera and took two shots before she noticed. Sunset Glow was born.

And with only 28 minutes till the competition submission deadline, I changed my entry. Thanks Kelly! Keep your fingers crossed…

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