20 Quarterly Links of Thanks

Nothing is more fulfilling that when someone thinks what you do is so worthwhile that they want to share it with others. So, in that spirit, here is a big thank you to the top 20 sites who have referred traffic to my writings about photography and photography over the past quarter (3 months).

Thanks for the support!

latoga’s Motion Blur Referring Sites

  1. jmg-galleries.com
  2. photographyvoter.com
  3. blogger.com
  4. latoga.com
  5. macroartinnature.wordpress.com
  6. yyapp.com
  7. google.com
  8. grafphoto.com
  9. photo.meetup.com
  10. stoneangelarts.blogspot.com
  11. images.google.com
  12. technorati.com
  13. digg.com
  14. blog.epicedits.com
  15. thomashawk.com
  16. bloglines.com
  17. photoblogs.org
  18. dgrin.com
  19. blog.heygirlniceshot.com
  20. photo.phyang.org

latoga Photography Referring Sites

  1. latogaphoto.blogspot.com
  2. smugmug.com
  3. google.com
  4. photo.meetup.com
  5. laughingsquid.com
  6. wetpp.org
  7. linkedin.com
  8. dgrin.com
  9. jpgmag.com
  10. shots.snap.com
  11. blogger.com
  12. bkr.smugmug.com
  13. photo.phyang.org
  14. myglobalsearch.com
  15. dagmar.smugmug.com
  16. tagcentral.net
  17. feeds.feedburner.com
  18. bentleysmom.smugmug.com
  19. jcas.smugmug.com
  20. photos.military.com

Side Blur:

  • Why a Quarter (3 Months)?: I’m a sales guy and business person at heart, my life revolves around the quarter whether I like it or not. And it takes a lot of work to create these lists since Google Analytics doesn’t have an easy export option, so once a quarter is frequent enough…

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