Just in the Nick of Time

This is completely off topic, but some late breaking news that I had to share. As I sit here writing this over my morning coffee and oatmeal, I’m looking out my kitchen window and watching it rain.

Yes, you read that right. Rain. In the Bay Area. In July. And just two days ago the last roofing shingle was nailed into place on my roof and the new gutters went up. (Good news is that my gutters are working fine!).

Now those of you who don’t live in the Bay Area (or who never have) will ask, “what’s the big deal?”. California is known for having only two seasons: summer = sun; winter = rain (in general). After having lived in California for almost 6 years, I have never seen it rain in the Bay Area in July. It’s like a spigot: water turns on in October/November, it rains all winter, then water turns off in April/May.

Granted, this isn’t the torrential downpours that Texas has been experiencing in the past few weeks or that are the normal for the mid-west or east coast (where I have lived in the past), but this isn’t like a small mist. It is a light rain, enough to collect and run down the gutter.

And some say Global Warming is a myth! 🙂

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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  1. In the 8 years plus 2 summers I have been in the bay area I’ve seen it rain at the beginning of June and at the end of August. But like you said, I really don’t recall July rain.


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