Not For Everyone

Tonight I broke out of my normal box. One of the things I usually don’t do, is to remix another photographer’s images. I respect the creativity of other photographers and would much rather invest my time working on my own creative visions.

However…what if your own creative vision is based off of the subject matter captured by another? Again, the universe aligned for me with three separate signals:

  1. Last night I listened to the LensWork podcast episode If the Negative Really Is the Score (which in many ways is Brooks talking about Creative Commons licensing…whether he knew it or not at the time)
  2. A new stylized technique that is easily accomplished in Lightroom that I learned a few days ago
  3. A recent set of images by Sam Javanrouh of the October 21st Toronto Zombie Walk that I saw on his wonderful Daily Dose of Imagery blog tonight

These three items aligned in my head and I had to act. Luckily for me, Sam licensed his images Creative Commons…and thus were born this set of images that I entitled Not For Everyone. Click through on any of the images to view the entire set of 6.

“Not For Everyone” is a phrase that was used by the instructor that taught this stylized technique. He indicated right up front, “this look is not for everyone”. But, after I saw it in action I loved it, and immediately thought of a few photos from my archive that it might work on.

But then, I saw Sam’s great Toronto Zombie Walk images. Perfect fit! Especially with Halloween just around the corner…

I’ll share the source of the technique in a few days time. If you think you know how I accomplished this leave your guess in a comment. (Oh, and also let me know what you think…)

3 Replies to “Not For Everyone”

  1. it does look similar to the ‘dave hill’ technique, but still unique in its own way. It does seem perfect for zombie images!

    I would be interested if there was a link on how to do this. It is always fun to play around with this stuff to see if it can be applicable to your own work in some way.


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