The Making of Not For Everyone

In my last post, Not For Everyone, I showcased a set of remixed photos using a new technique that I picked up. After asking for everyone’s guess on the technique, here is the secret.

The technique is from Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips blog: Surreal Edgy Effect.

seanmcc guessed the technique right in the comments of the original post. There were also multiple people who referred to this as the “Dave Hill” technique. While Matt doesn’t call it that specifically in his video demonstration, if you look at Dave Hill’s website, you can see that he must use some of the similar principles that are applied in this technique…but that is just the start. I have also come across a few other photographers who have a style similar to Dave Hill’s, but not exactly the same. Of course, I came across them in one of the few photography magazines I would pickup every so often while traveling…and now I can’t find it — I still wish magazines would do a better job of indexing their issues on their websites!

Here is one of the images from the remix side by side with the original:

There were a number of people who commented that this technique is “too over done”. While that is true, that is also the point. If you watch the video on how to do this, you will see how easy the basics are. Don’t rule out trying something new. I’m planning on experimenting with this on a few more photos in the near future. You never know when you will find the perfect photo to try this on…there is always next year’s zombies…

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  1. Greg, I tried this on a few images of my own just to experiment. I liked what it did to the doorway image in the tutorial. My own trials didn’t turn out so well. It really must take a particular shot for it to ‘fit’ well with the image.


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