First Flickr Now SmugMug

I was quite surprised tonight when I tried to head over to my photography website (hosted by SmugMug) only to be greeted by this:

What are the odds of two major photo websites both going down within the same week?

The SmugMug outage must have been pretty system wide because all their services were down. I was trying to go to their blog to email a posting to a friend when I got the above screen. Went to my website, got the same screen. I then tried checking the status on the forum, but that was down as well. It’s now about a half hour later from my first check and things still aren’t back to normal.

I understand the challenges of hosting a site like this and I know the SmugMug team is scrambling right now to fix it. I just hope they are a bit more forthcoming with what happened when all is said and done…two weeks ago I had a similar outage from a server hoster I use and never even had much of a mention of why or what steps they were going to take to prevent it from happening again (needless to say, they are on my list of vendors to replace).

I just hope they fix the other performance problems I have been seeing over the past few month as well. When I go to my website via my own domain name () versus the default SmugMug name (, I would get long waits for my page to load (sometimes it never would). When I asked about this on the forum, I didn’t get a great response…granted, it’s a strange and difficult issue to try to debug.

So, dear readers…how many of you have noticed delays in photos loading on this blog? (they are mostly hosted on SmugMug) Have you noticed delays in visiting my website as well? If so, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post…

I’m trying to gauge if this is something isolated to me or if it is affecting my customer base as a whole…

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