Mavericks 2008

Unfortunately, I was out of town this year when they called the Mavericks 2008 surf contest. I was attending a meeting in Boston and discussing Mavericks with a number of the people at the meeting. Luckily, I was able to head back early and catch the finals live on the Mavericks website (finishing right now). I could have headed right from SFO to Mavericks and caught the end of it live, but with 35,000 people out there already, it wouldn’t have been worth the attempt.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mavericks, it’s a surf competition that is held ever year just south of San Francisco when the winter storms create huge 50+ feet waves for a short section of shoreline in Half Moon Bay. As the official website says: “Frigid Water, Jagged Rocks, Great White Sharks, and 50+ Foot Waves”.

Check the Mavericks Myspace Website for photos and possible video clips. Also, Check out Jim M. Goldstein’s Blog for photos he has taken at past Mavericks as well as his Mavericks photos (2008 photos will be up later today I’m sure).

I’ll try to do a post of various sites with photos tomorrow as they start to hit the wire…

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