Good-Bye Tripod (Almost)

It’s cold, and rainy here in the Bay Area today, so I’m sitting in front of the fireplace getting caught up on a backlog of blog reading. I just came across the best home built device for your camera that I have ever seen! Since I haven’t seen this on any of the photography blogs I read, I wanted to share.

A home build string tripod (thanks to laughing squid for original post):

My product manager side kicked in right away and I already have an idea for an improvement. This won’t work if you kneel down or change your height to get your shot. But, if you replaced the bolt with something that had an eye on it, then attached a smaller washer on the other end of the string, going through the eye, you could easily adjust the height of the “tripod” for your situation.

Think I’m going to have to head down to the hardware store this afternoon…

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