Good Bye Wacom Tablet

Years ago when I learned the magic behind the layer mask in Photoshop I went out and bought a Wacom Intuos tablet to make my life easier when creating intricate layer masks. Today, my good friend Jon Hodgson emailed me about a new piece of software that probably makes my Wacom mostly obsolete: Nik Software’s Viveza. Viveza is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to select a single tone in a photo and then adjust just that tone across as large of an area as you desire. Viveza takes fine tuning the tone of your images to a new level!

The best way to understand what Viveza can do for you, is to watch the “lessons” that Nik Software has prepared on their website. After watching the “Introduction”, I think you’ll be longing for this tool just as I am. At $250, it’s not a cheap tool, but when you consider the control that it provides and the fact that some of the similar adjustments without it would take you hours on a Wacom tablet with layer masks, I think it’s money well spent.

(Oh, and they have a 15 day free trial available so you can try before you buy…I tested it out tonight and it suddenly jumped to the top of my list of new purchases…)

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  1. Looks like Nik has brought what they developed for Nikon Capture to be a plugin. The price seems a bit steep to me though for a plugin. I am afraid to do the trial because I might like it too much! šŸ™‚

    Nothing beats the Wacom for quick dust spotting though! I still find myself switching back and forth between pen and mouse.


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