Photo: Sunset on Point Reyes Beach

Got back to catching up on my processing backlog. From a trip to Point Reyes National Seashore about 2 years ago. A friend had gotten spots on the Lighthouse tour that they do once a week. It was a perfect day: clear, tour was at sunset into night, cold, windy…what a day!

Watch for some more shots from this trip over the next few days…

3 Replies to “Photo: Sunset on Point Reyes Beach”

  1. Thanks Richard. Even though it was a beautiful sunset, it was very windy and cold. Something to keep in mind when visiting Point Reyes. If you can time your trip with a high pressure system over the Bay Area, you will get the best views as well!


  2. Yeah I know what you mean about the weather. The most miserable photo shoot I’ve ever had was during my first trip to Point Reyes five years ago.


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