Photo: Happy 4th from Chicago (JPC-02)

Keeping up with the July Photo Challenge (JPC), I’m loosely interpreting the definition of lighting fixture for this photo…but come on…what else would you expect today? Not any easy photo to capture, there was 1-2 foot swells on Lake Michigan outside of the breakwater, my friend’s 32 foot cabin cruiser was being tossed around pretty good, I’ll be feeling the effects of all the rolling for the next few days. I had to push the camera to it’s limits to capture this photos, hard to capture a perfectly sharp image when you’re being tossed around. But I was able to capture a few images, glad this is one of them as I really like the silhouette of the sail boat.

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  1. BF: The 20D only goes to 3200. And that is if you push it into the “High” range. That is what I was shooting with bursts to capture a few non-blurry photos.


  2. I presume shutter speed was over a second. Did the IS help for that long (including boat rocking)? Did the camera do any NR (or post processing)?

    The objects (outside of fireworks) look clear for that much bouncing around at long shutter.


  3. BF: Shutter speed was at 1/30 of second (click through on the photo, then click the “more info” option from the hover menu). The lens I was using didn’t have IS.

    I did do some noise reduction in Lightroom during processing. Eventually, I will do another pass of noise reduction in photoshop with Noise Ninja.


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