Photo: Late Night Practice

Trevor Carpenter has a new challenge up for July over at Since I figured I wasn’t busy enough already, I’ve taken it upon myself to try and shoot at least 20 images during July as part of the challenge (I know I won’t be able to do this every day, so rather than set myself up for failure, I’m focusing on success). I’m using this challenge as a reason for updating my dormant Flickr account (something I have never really utilized for various reasons I can elaborate on if readers really care).

I captured this image last night on my way back to the boat (see my tweets for an explanation). It was late, I was hungry and made a drive thru run. With the smell of food in the car, I spotted a few fellows practicing soccer in this field at the entrance to the Marina. Photographer mode kicked in (driven by the nagging sense that I hadn’t done a shot for this challenge yet) and over rode my hunger pains. I pulled over, grabbed the camera and an captured this shot from the shadows at the side of the field.

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