Photo: Three Generations

When you’re the photographer in the family, you have to take the family portraits when the entire family gets together. Like this weekend when three generations converged from all corners of the globe to celebrate my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. It’s hard enough to get a large group of people to look at you and smile at the same time when you’re behind the camera, even harder when you have to sprint up the stairs and get into the picture itself.

5 Replies to “Photo: Three Generations”

  1. Simple matter of economics, other camera items take priority over an external remote. Still wish the camera had that feature built in (and still confused as to why it doesn’t).


  2. interesting use of the stairs, Greg. Thankfully my own family had portrait photographers so i never had to deal with family photos.


  3. Be glad Richard. Seems like the people who find it hardest to accept you as photographer are those who knew you before it. Thought that probably holds true for any subject, not just photography.


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