Olympic Photography

An event as big as the Olympics generates huge numbers of photos.  The drama of competition, the close finishes, the agony of defeat, the funny timings.  They all make up the Olympic photographic landscape.  Personally, I prefer to look at the still photography after having watching the broadcasts; maybe it’s a type of voyeurism, having the ability to go back to a moment that has past and see more details that you didn’t catch the first time.

So, over the past few days I have enjoyed browsing through various collections of Olympic photos.  Here are some of the best collections I have found:

  • stern.de Olympia 2008 contains a great collection of images with great timing or composition (new photos get added to the front of the queue).
  • The Frame, photo blog from the Sacramento Bee contains a number of posts from the Olympics, each post contains a wonderful set of photos behind it.
  • Phelps Frame-by-Frame of his 100 meter butterfly finish from Sports Illustrated.  It’s amazing how quick he moves from each frame, goes to show what can be accomplished when you push through till the end.  (I just wish you could page through each photo without reload the entire screen…)
  • Kari Kuukka’s 360 Degree of Beijing Olympic Stadium about 30 minutes before Men’s 100 meter final.  You can checkout the photographer’s gear as well as their tight quarters.

Also check out PDN’s Ultimate RSS Feed of Olympic Photo Blogs.

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