You Can Photoshop That

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to photography is the statement “you can Photoshop that [in/out]”. I have a friend who is getting into photography (he does have a background in technology, which relates to an old post of mine) and that is his favorite phrase to use. And it drives me crazy!

(I’ll give Bruce his due credit…he says it mostly now because he knows it drives me crazy.)

So I found it interesting today when I came across a number of threads online discussing the use of photoshop and if it has gone too far.  Reed Hoffmann commented on his Photoshop Overdose.  George Barr shared his Thoughts On Creating/Cheating/Modifying Images last month.  In general, it’s an individuals choice on how much photoshoping to do to your images.  Personally, I prefer to spend as little time on the computer with the images as possible just because I already spend most of my day on the computer working on other stuff.  Photography is to get me away from the computer.

This is part of the reason why I love Lightroom.  I do 90+ percent of my image processing in Lightroom simply because I usually don’t want or need to do anything more in Photoshop.  I just need to add a little pop to my images.  Only in those instances where I need to make the image match what was in my mind’s eye when I pressed the shutter button do I go into Photoshop anymore. Otherwise, I try to do as much “image processing” as possible by capturing the photo correctly at the time I press the shutter.

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