Photo: Manzanita Snack Time

Earlier this weekend, while hiking to the summit of Mount Tamalpais (Mount Tam), I was able to capture this shot of a local resident. We were leaving the summit when the Manzanita bush right next to the trail started to shake. My wife and I stopped to see if we could find the shaker. Here was a local chipmunk, no longer than 3 inches, scrambling up to the top branches to grab a berry and scoot back down into the bush to eat. It was very difficult to try and capture this image, between shooting up into the sun, the sun washing out the branches, and then getting the chipmunk in focus and not one of the nearby branches. Eventually, persistance paid off!

I realized this morning that I’m lacking photos in my wildlife photography portfolio on the website (there wasn’t even a pure wildlife portfolio yet!). For some reason, the wildlife photos that I have taken have never made it up to the website. I’ll have to work on addressing this moving forward…

2 Replies to “Photo: Manzanita Snack Time”

  1. Terrific shot! He was really close. The flash must have got him tearing off.
    You are clearly being influenced by the French .. if your “weekend” began at 3:05 on Friday 😉


  2. Actually, didn’t use a flash; I was able to capture this with just the harsh late day sun.

    Darn EXIF data ratting me out. With family in town, had to start the weekend a bit early to maximize time with the family.


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