The New latoga photography

Welcome to the new latoga photography!

For a number of months now, I have had a plan to converge latoga photography under the new domain name of  Part of this is to combine my photography blog with my online photography portfolios.  Part of this was to move my blog to the much more robust WordPress platform.  (Now I will stop getting confused looks from those who get WordPress advice from me only to see my blog not running on WordPress 🙂   ).

If you are reading this via my old RSS feed, there are some slight changes you need to be aware of.  I have a number of followers who love my photography, but aren’t as enthusiastic about the non-photo parts of photography as I am.  For them, I have created a separate RSS feed for my photos only (essentially all posts under the Photo topic).  If you were previously subscribed to my blog, your subscription has automatically rolled to the Photos Only Feed.  If you are interested in the full feed, please change you subscription to the Full Blog Feed (this is the default blog feed if you us an auto subscribe feature like on Google Reader).

Note: subscribing to both feeds will result in duplicate entries in your feed reader…

Over time, you will see more and more feature appear under latoga photography.  I will announce them as I phase these feature in over the coming months.

Over all, the transition to this new site was rather painless.  Total time to convert was about 4 hours spread over as many days.  Thanks to the wonderful integration capabilities of WordPress, I was able to import all my old posts and comments from my previous blog.  WordPress was even able to convert all old labels to tags (that was a huge time saver!).   The most time was spent adjusting the theme.  Never happy with stock features, there were a number of things that I adjusted to make everything feel just right.  If you’re interested in doing the same there are some tools that are indispensable in this process:

  • firebug: A Firefox plugin that allows you to inspect all the attributes that make up a webpage.  For the purposes of adjusting a theme, you can see exactly what lines you need to change in the style sheet to get the changes you want (or see what lines in others style sheets gives them the look you like!).
  • kuler:  A wonderful site from Adobe that helps you explore, create, and share color themes.  As most photographers know, there are certain colors that work together and others that don’t.  kuler lets you explore the color wheel to discover the ones that work for you as well as work together.  I used to adjust the colors of my new blog theme to achive the look you see.
  • FeedBurner:  Sure your blogging system has RSS feeds built in, but by adding FeedBurner as a layer on top of them, you can make changes to your blogging system without loosing readers (see above).

If you’re interested in learning more blogging tricks using WordPress, join me at the WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco this Saturday.  I’ll be attending to learn some new tricks as well as sharing some of mine.

There are still a number of small adjustments that I’ll be making over the course of the week, like making sure all my old posts have the correct new topics to them.  But now that the move is mostly complete, I’ll have more time for posts and photos.

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