2008 Q4 Links of Thanks

2008 has come and gone.  Which means that it’s time again to thank those who link to my site and helped shared some internet traffic love.  This quarter shows a number of new sites to the list, thanks for the interest in my work!  This quarter also shows some slight modifications to this list.  First, I have largely completed the transition to the new website domain, so thanking the referals to the old domain has dropped off this regular posting (latoga.com is now a sort of a landing page for all things latoga… 🙂 ). Second, I have also decided to remove all social networks from this list.  The purpose of this list to thank those who appreciate my work enough to link to me which eventually helps increase the awareness of my work.  Since most social network links are ones that I put out there, including them in this list was going against the intended purpose.

(Rankings from last quarter, if any, appear in parentheses after each site.)

latogaphoto.com Top Referring Sites from 2008 Q4

  1. yyapp.com (4)
  2. jmg-galleries.com (17)
  3. latoga.com (11)
  4. blogs.smugmug.com (6)
  5. grafphoto.com (9)
  6. recapturephoto.com (13)
  7. blog.vincentlaforet.com (3)
  8. slingload.blogspot.com
  9. themelab.com (8)
  10. fieldreport.wordpress.com (12)
  11. latogalabs.com
  12. stoneangelarts.blogspot.com (10)
  13. blog.focalpower.com
  14. ordinarygenitalia.blogspot.com
  15. acrossthesouthwest.net
  16. jackgrahamphoto.wordpress.com
  17. jensen47.com
  18. rwongphoto.com (15)
  19. aphotoeditor.com
  20. beyondphototips.com

And since the New Year is all about looking back at the past year while planning for the future, here is a new addition to the Q4 posting, the Top Referring Sites for All of 2008 (created by combining the top referrers to both the old and new domains for the entirety of 2008):

  1. yyapp.com
  2. jmg-galleries.com
  3. thomashawk.com
  4. grafphoto.com
  5. laughingsquid.com
  6. blog.vincentlaforet.com
  7. blogs.smugmug.com
  8. stoneangelarts.blogspot.com
  9. raoulpop.com
  10. wetpp.org
  11. rwongphoto.com
  12. recapturephoto.com
  13. fotograficzny.blogspot.com
  14. georgebarr.blogspot.com
  15. blog.focalpower.com
  16. neil.creek.name
  17. themelab.com
  18. macroartinnature.blogspot.com
  19. fieldreport.wordpress.com
  20. slingload.blogspot.com

Thanks to everyone for the support in 2008.  And please remember to use www.latogaphoto.com exclusively to link to my photography.

I’m looking forward to an exciting 2009…you’re focus determines your reality!

Note: These stats were collected by Google Analytics for this. Any referral sites that are obvious web based email services, IP addresses, or social networks were removed.

4 Replies to “2008 Q4 Links of Thanks”

  1. Thanks for the link back. Good to see someone follows some of the links on my page! Re: Analytics – I have had some issues with the total visitor counts for me personally. The difference between the total visitors by Analytics vs. my webhost stats are off by a factor of 10!


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