New Year Website Updates

The end of one year and the start of another tends be a sea of change. For the past few days I have been finishing the migration of all my photography to the domain. My apologies if you experienced any in flight testing, but the work is now done!

So, what’s new or different?

  • The homepage for now is a landing page highlighting some of my favorite photos, recent announcements, and recent blog posts.
  • I have moved the blog to be it’s own section of the website.  You can now find it under the Blog menu.  If you are subscribed to any of my blog feeds, everything works the same as before.  If you have me in your blogroll, please note that the address for the blog has changed.
  • I have reformatted my Portfolio of photos and added it to the menu.
  • I have flushed the other pages on the site a bit more, mostly dealing with formatting issues.
  • My photography feeds blogroll page has been merged into the Resources page.  I’ll be adding more items to the Resources page over time.

Wow, now that I look back on this list, it doesn’t seem that long.  But there was an huge amount of tweaking and adjusting that went into each of the above items behind the scenes.  This gave me plent of time to appreciate the new administration interface for WordPress 2.7 and I gained a whole new level of respect for a number of the features.

If you come across anything that doesn’t look right or behave as expected, please let me know.  There are always a few gremlins that tend to be hiding darkest corners.

Now, on to processing a few more photos from 2008 for Jim Goldstein’s Blog Project: Your Best Photos from 2008.  And then on to the final steps of a limited edition fine art photo offering I have been working on finalizing and a blog project of my own…stay tuned.

3 Replies to “New Year Website Updates”

  1. Happy New Year Greg. Amazing how the website tweaks can take up so much time. After I upgraded to 2.7, it took me awhile to figure out what was causing strange characters in all my posts and how to remove them, as well as some CSS wierdness conflicting with my theme.

    I love that wiz-bang tag cloud – where did you find that ?


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