Rick Steves Takes Us to Iran

Earlier this week I heard a brief segment on NPR’s Talk of the Nation that featured travel writer Rick Steves.  Apparently Rick has recently completed an episode of his travel show about traveling in Iran.  I have to admit that I have a number of Rick’s travel books and usually rely heavily on his advice when I travel abroad (found a number of gems thanks to Rick’s books during our trip to Italy a few years back).  His basic advice of “go where the locals go” should be burned into the memory of every travel photographer.

I found this particular show interesting from a couple of angles.  Obviously, I’m interested as a world traveler who has visited the middle east in the past (Kuwait, Israel) and as a photographer.  However, it is also interesting as a world citizen and US citizen during this time in history.  General opinion is that Iran will be a country that we will have build a better relationship with under our incoming administration; not just at an official governmental level but also at the more important personal level between citizens.  One of the things that I think the United States has fallen short on lately is the cultural, personal connection of our country and citizens to the rest of the world.  Some of the comments that Rick made during his radio discussion of the show brought that into clear focus with regards to Iran.

I already have the show in my January 17th calendar so I don’t miss its premier on my local PBS station.  Find out when it is airing near you and get it on your calendar as well.

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