To Print or Not To Print

In today’s media saturated, time starved world, many photographers have lost the will to print their photos.  The question of to print or not to print never even crosses their minds. Either they are to busy dealing with balancing out all the other aspects of their photography with the rest of their life, they have target lock on some quantifiable goal like being the first photographer in history to release 1 Billion photos or something, or they are just so technology focused that printing seem so uncool.

Honestly, I haven’t been printing as much recently as I have in the past (I’ll blame that first excuse for that).  But it is something that has been clawing it’s way back to the surface of my focus.  This is mostly because of a single photo. This photo to the right is a snapshot that has become more over time (read the story behind the photo).  Recently I finished framing a large version print of this photo that I had made over a year ago specifically to hang in a spot of honor in our house.  This process has brought the topic of printing bursting to the surface again.  So much so, that I’m planning on releasing a limited edition fine art print of this specific image (stay tuned for more on that in the near future).

Unfortunately, jumping into printing isn’t easy.  Just like photography, there are a lot of nuances that you need to discover and master.  Which is honestly yet another reason many photographers don’t do printing.  These nuances are why I got excited about the Epson Print Academy when I saw a brochure for it arrive in my mail box.  And as luck would have it, Jim Goldstein is running a contest over on his blog where he is giving away tickets to the Epson Print Academy.  

So, as I’ve been making my plans for 2009, printing has definitely fallen on the list of things to explore.

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  1. Greg, this is one of the things that I procrastinate about also, and is one of my resolutions for 2009(among many other photography-related resolutions!). I keep thinking of my kids…one day, all these digital files uploaded somewhere will disappear, and I’ll have nothing in print. I’m always amazed at how nice they look ‘in real life’ too, so I really should do it more often! Greetings from Fort Worth, and best of luck in 2009.


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