View From Your Studio Participants

The official end date for the View From Your Studio blog project was on February 28.   The participant list was rather short, perhaps everyone else is as busy as I was during the month of February.  But the submissions were very high quality and varied in interpretation:   🙂

The great thing about a blog project is that anyone can join in after the fact by posting a comment or link to the original post, so perhaps we’ll see the participants grow in the near future…

Thanks to those who helped spread the word and did participate!

2 Replies to “View From Your Studio Participants”

  1. I loved this blog project because, honestly, the photo I submitted was taken pretty much 15 steps outside my front door. If I lived one building over, I could have taken it through my window.

    I wish more people had participated. However, it does get a little crazy and people do forget. I hope others join in belatedly. If so, please don’t hesitate to email me and let me know. I’ll also post about it and encourage photographers I know to participate.


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