What DSLR LCD Protector Do You Use?

So, here is my dilemma:  In my hands is a brand new Canon 5D Mark II.  The LCD screen is so pristine that there isn’t even a nose print on it yet (thought my eye piece extender may have something to do with that…).  I need to keep it that way as long as possible. So:

  • What LCD screen protection devices to you use and recommend?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What don’t you like about it?

Please leave a comment with your opinion as I’m seeking the advice for one last purchase before my upcoming photography road trip!

I’ll actually start the process off with my feedback on the Delkin Devices (was e-Film) Pop-Up Shade Pro for the 5DmII.  I purchased this yesterday as I was hoping that it would help with viewing the LCD in strong light.  I’ll be taking it back upon the return from my trip.  While the concept and general design of Pop-Up Shade is great, there were a few specific things that didn’t allow it to work for me:

  • I have a Really Right Stuff L-Bracket mounted on my camera for use on my tripod.  The shade is designed to wrap around the bottom of the camera a slight bit.  Unfortunately, the L-Bracket wraps up around the same part of the camera bottom.  Can’t have both on at the same time and since I never really remove the L-Bracket it wins.
  • The shade is designed such that it replaces the eye cup on our camera, it actually slides over the eye piece as that is the way the shade stays attached to the camera (you can place your current eye cup or eye piece extender on the shade if you want).  When I looked through the eye-piece, it was cutting off some of my field of view.  I found myself shifting my head a bit to see the information at the bottom of the viewfinder or to see one edge or the other.  Slight annoyance that you may be able to adjust to over time, but I have enough annoyance in my life already thank you.
  • On the 5DmII the bottom of the shade body actually overs the ambient light sensor.  I’ve haven’t used the camera enough yet to know if I want the auto-adjusting LCD brightness turned on or not, but the shade forces that decision on me.
  • Since the shade sticks out a fair bit from the body of the camera, I found it a bit harder to access the power switch on the camera.  Not impossible, but definitely more difficult.

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