Can’t Wait to Be On the Road Again

While wrapping up my work day today, I heard a story on NPR’s Marketplace about the summer road trip. And I have to admit it got me excited about my own late summer road trip to the Pacific Northwest next week.  It seems like just a blink of the eye and the last 4 months have blown by.  I keep looking at my desktop background which has the last winter snowfall photos from Yosemite displayed…photos I took back in March.  And here it is almost August and the day job has kept me so busy that I haven’t had much time to do anything substantial photography related.

So, I made a last minute decision to head up to the Olympic Peninsula for some RnR and photography. My current rough plans call for stops at Crater Lake, Olympic National Park, Victoria BC, and a few places in between.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update the blog from the road, but will try.  (I’ll definitely be twittering my way down the road)  I have 4 months of photography to catch up on…

This trip will also have me testing out a few new pieces of gear.  The most substantial of which is the Canon 5DmII that I finally upgraded to.  This camera has been on my shopping list since before it was released.  And after renting one back in April for a project, I have been biding my time to strike.  Anyone who has tried to purchase one lately will know that they are still in short supply and hot demand.  I was lucky enough to have asked at my local Calumet about when they expected their next shippment just as one came in and the person who had it reserved had just purchased one from somewhere else.  I didn’t buy the new tripod I went into Calumet for, but I did pick up my new camera!  It will take some time to readjust to the full frame format, but looking forward to it.  I also picked up a Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter which I can’t wait to play around with.  You’ll see the results of both of these shortly.

So, the oil has been changed, the laptop is backed up, the bags are almost packed, and the iPod has been synced.  Talk to you next from the road…

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