Eastern Sierra Fall Color Update

Myself and three other photographers arrived Bishop this evening just in time to head up to Bishop Creek and catch sunset.  A quick report on the status of the Fall Color in the Eastern Sierra’s:

  • Bishop Creek North Lake Aspen are at prime. There is a nice large swatch of aspen on the northern slope of the lake that is orange and red.  I plan on heading backup there tomorrow for sunrise.
  • Bishop Creek Lake Sabrina is approaching prime.  Colors are yellows and some orange.  Did some shooting there today along the creek, nice stands of color right off the road.
  • Bishop Creek South Lake is probably a combination of Green and Yellow right now.  Did not stop in there today but will tomorrow morning.  Considering it’s lower elevation, the colors shouldn’t be as good as North Lake.
  • Saddle Bag Lake: Heard from the information center at Mammoth that Saddle Bag Lake is suppose to be also close to prime.  We happened to stop there on the way to Bishop and there is no color near the parking lot of Saddle Bag Lake.  The other lakes behind Saddle Bag may have more color, but we didn’t hike in there today.

Will post more updates tomorrow as time allows.

Update: 20090926:

  • Had chance to drive up to South Lake today, colors on the way up are very diverse with lots of yellows, oranges, and reds up the hills on both sides of the road.  Close to peak if not at.
  • The other location that we heard from Mammoth Information that was supposed to be good quality colors is Rock Creek.  May check that out this afternoon or tomorrow…

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