Photo: San Francisco’s Twin Peaks

San Franciscos Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower

San Francisco's Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower

Another Photo from my ridge top perch.  The tallest hill(s) in San Francisco is generally referred to as Twin Peaks.  What makes them hard to miss is Sutro Tower, the broadcast tower that sites atop of them.  On nights like this, the western part of San Francisco will be socked in with fog while the eastern half of the city enjoys a fog free evening (sometimes lasting all night).  As you can see, the fog was just creeping over Twin Peaks at sunset the day I took this photo.

Zooming into the image at full resolution again reveals some surprises.  First how clear the air was and how patient I was to get the focus as sharp as possible (the lens setup I was using did not have auto focus available).  Notice the wires visible on Sutro Tower:

Sutro Tower Full Resolution

Sutro Tower Full Resolution

Also how the shadows of the bay can hold some hidden surprises.  On the wider image above the bay looks dark and empty.  But upon closer inspection there is actually a cruise ship docked along the bay beneath Sutro Tower:

Full Resolution of Cruise Ship

Full Resolution of Cruise Ship

Prints of the original image can be purchased by clicking through on the photo and clicking the buy button.

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