One Location, A Dozen Different Portraits

This afternoon I closed the books on a photo project that I started about four weeks ago, my VMworld 2009 Portrait Project (latoga labs has a summary and the public set of VMworld 2009 Portraits). This project “crossed the streams” between my hemispheres and allowed me to practice both my on location lighting technique and portrait photography (as described in 24 Portraits, 6 Hours, 1 Location, thought when all was said and post processed it was actually 180 separate Portrait photographs).

In retrospect, I’m very happy with the results of running and gunning with twelve different 30 minute portrait sessions!  Take a look through the resulting sample portfolio (first link) and let me know what you think…

An added bonus to this project was that I actually got my own portrait as well!  One of the participants was eager to take my camera setup out for a test drive, and I got a chance to live in front of the camera versus behind.

Greg Lato

Greg A. Lato

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