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Camera Gear RentalsI wanted to take a moment to welcome BorrowLenses.com as the first sponsor of my photography blog.  You will notice their logo in the Sponsors section of my sidebar.

I wanted to highlight their sponsorship for the sake of disclosure and to explain why I have chosen them as a sponsor.  I don’t hide my corporate sponsors behind gimmicks like give-a-ways or blind links.   I find that insulting as a reader and I just assume that you do as well.  Also, since I see my photography as the start of a long term business, I don’t accept sponsorship from just anyone.  I have been a customer of BorrowLenses for over a year now and continue to find their equipment rental service to be extremely valuable asset to my photography.  So I’m more than happy to have joined their affiliate program and welcome them as a trusted sponsor of my blog.

If you are looking for cost effective and convenient equipment rental, look no further than BorrowLenses.  You can order you’re gear online and they will ship it to your location, anywhere in the United States (all 50 States), within 1 to 2 days.  And if you happen to live in the Bay Area (as I do) you can pickup your rentals at three locations: San Mateo, San Francisco or San Jose (the latter two require a small surcharge).  Best of all, your rental period starts the day your gear arrives!

Whether you need a camera, lenses, tripods, flashes or other lighting equipment for an immediate project, a long trip, or testing before you buy it yourself click through on the BorrowLenses logo in the sidebar and give them a try.

I have had nothing but great experience with them.  But, as always, I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences as well.

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