Magnetic Glow (Zoom Effect)

Over the holiday’s I discovered this rural chapel in a small unincorporated area near my parents in Central Wisconsin. Lucky for me, I was driving down a back road after sunset and noticed the chapel all lighted up just off the road. The front of the Chapel had a back lighted cross that I thought would make a great subject for a zoom effect photo.

The zoom effect is accomplished by zooming the lens while the exposure is being taken. This usually requies a steady tripod to reduce any side-to-side or up-and-down movement while zooming. Once you get the exposure for the photo set correctly, you determine what range of zooming you want, the more zooming you do, the longer the blurring effect is. For this shot, it was a 4 second exposure with the last two seconds the lens being zoomed in from 70mm to 50mm. The other key to this affect is making sure the center of your image is centered on your subject as that is the infinity point where the zoom affect will zoom into or out of.

For this particular image, I think using the zoom effect adds that interesting factor to the image.

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