2009 Q4 Links of Thanks

New Quarter.  New Year.  New Decade.  Time doesn’t stand still. Continuing my quarterly tradition, below are the top 20 websites that directed traffic to my site over the past quarter.  I like to highlight them as a way of saying thank you.  There are still a number of non-photography related sites in the list due to my portrait project.  Please take a moment to check out these great sites!

And if you want to see yourself on this list, add a link to my site and we’ll see how many visitors follow that link over the next three months.

(Rankings from last quarter, if they made the top 20, appear in parentheses after each site.)

latoga photography Top Referring Sites from 2009 Q4

  1. sierravisionsstock.com (3)
  2. calphoto.com (1)
  3. naturescapes.net
  4. jmg-galleries.com (5)
  5. 1001noisycameras.com (2)
  6. calnature.blogspot.com (6)
  7. dailyhypervisor.com (8)
  8. yellow-bricks.com (4)
  9. vsphere-land.com (10)
  10. opinieleiders.nl
  11. recapturephoto.com (13)
  12. gdanmitchell.com (17)
  13. grafphoto.com (11)
  14. luminous-exposure.blogspot.com (7)
  15. sbdigitalarts.com
  16. ldadyala.smugmug.com
  17. blog.epicedits.com
  18. michaeldaigian.blogspot.com
  19. rwongphoto.com (14)
  20. slingload.blogspot.com (15)

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