2010 Bouquets to Art

Tuesday night I landed back in San Francisco from my trip to Bermuda.  Wednesday I was heading into the city to check out the 2010 Bouquets to Art at the de Young Museum.  Bouquets to Art was the reason that the Mrs. couldn’t join me in Bermuda.  She had a design piece that she was leading a team from Michael Daigian Designs in creating (below) and the design work, setup, and opening night overlapped with the Bermuda trip (she’s such a trooper!)

Bouquets to Art 2010 - Michael Daigian Designs

Bouquets to Art 2010 - Michael Daigian Designs

One of the best things was standing in the corner (waiting for the crowd to dissipate so I could get the above photograph) and listending to everyone’s comments on the design.  I thought it was interesting, the Mrs. didn’t; it’s hard to hear people’s comments/criticisms of your work.

Besides the design, she also competed in the Floral Fashion show during the Opening Galla, designing a dress made out of flowers and plant material!  (photo below courtesy of Drew Altizer Photography)

Floral Dress designed by Jennifer Lato

Floral Dress designed by Jennifer Lato

Mr. Michael Daigian also created a design for the show:

Bouquets to Art 2010 - Michael Daigian Designs

Bouquets to Art 2010 - Michael Daigian Designs

The art piece that Mr. Daigian’s work was based upon was located across the isle from the art piece, so I couldn’t photograph both at once.  A thumbnail of the artwork can be found to the right.

If you are ever in San Francisco during the week of Bouquets to Art, make an effort to stop by the de Young Museum to check out all the amazing work that Bay Area floral designers do for the show.  You won’t be disappointed.

You can view a select number of designs from the 2010 Bouquets to Arts and 2007 Bouquets to Arts in my photo archive.

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  1. I love Jen (and team’s) interpretation of their painting. I can’t image that there would have been many negative comments. It was a difficult painting but they really captured the flow and dark side of the painting while creating a floral piece that is beautiful.


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