Late Night Rememberances

9/11 Memorial at St. Paul's

9/11 Memorial at St. Paul's Church

I was browsing through a collection of photos taken in New York City in the spring of 2002 and came across this image that seemed rather apropos for today.  This impromptu memorial came to life on Fulton Street, just a block from ground zero.  My wife and I came across it during a visit to New York City back in April of 2002.

Part of me wants to get on my political soap box and comment about the absurd things that are still happening in the world today that are direct affect of 9 years ago.    But rather than do that I’d rather just ask everyone to keep these comments in mind as they navigate through the modern world starting tomorrow:

  • Too many people to count have given their lives to define and defend the freedom’s that we enjoy in the United States.  Keep those constitutional freedoms in fore front in your mind when you deal with the daily rhetoric that is blasted at us all from all sides and special interestes via our modern media.  Cherish and protect those freedoms.
  • Extremism comes in many colors and shades.  When you hear someone touting a message that rings of fear or hate, step back and consider the words being spoken and and the speakers agenda from all angles.  How can you hate someone you have never meet or some idea you have never considered?  Tolerance and Consideration goes a long way.

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