Autumn Themed Decorating

A few years back my wife and I were attending a friends wedding at a resort along the California coast.  The resort had built a huge cornucopia in their parking lot and filled it with pumpkins.  A 6 foot tall pumpkin spilling cornucopia is just crying out to be photographed!

After aging well on the hard drive, this weekend I found them again as I was searching through my offline archive for autumn themed photographs for a client.  This client wanted some seasonal wall art and these pumpkin photos were the perfect match.

Shortly after photographing this scene, I remember thinking that these might work well as a black and white photographs with colorized emphasis on the pumpkins.  After a number of hours of hand colorizing these photographs, I like the end result.  Below are two 16 x 20 framed samples created for the client, the first colorized and the second full color (click through on each photo to view each photo in my online archive).

Autumn Decorating - Colorized

Autumn Decorating - Colorized

Autumn Decorating - Color

Autumn Decorating - Color

In the end, my client appreciated the colorized alternative but decided to go with the full color version instead.  She appreciates ability to change the wall decorations in her house based upon the season and we are already discussing a colorful photograph printed on canvas to decorate the same location for the rest of the winter.

All photographs from my Photo Archive are available as open edition prints.  Open edition prints are printed on demand with no limit on the print run.  They are reasonably priced to allow the flexibility of alternating your wall decoration at your whim or to coincide with the seasons.  Visit the Autumn Gallery to view the rest of the photographs (color and colorized) that I recently liberated from my offline archive.

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