Giving Thanks for Fall Colors

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Common phrase that has taken on new meaning for me this year.  With only 35 more days to create photos in 2010, the past few months have just flown by.  I’ve found that it’s been harder than I expected to process through my backlog of photography since Matthew was born.  I had such high hopes of getting caught up during my 2 week NPTO (New Parent Time Off), but it just hasn’t happen.

Editing photos, whether in Lightroom or Photoshop, is a lot harder using one hand and holding a baby.  🙂

I have been able to get some back office work done.  Some, like creating a latoga photography Facebook page, are more public.  Others involve coordinating multiple efforts that will become more public before the end of the year, time and focus willing.  Back office work always frustrates me as it keeps me from doing the more interesting tasks like taking, processing, or publishing photos.  However, as the back office work get’s wrapped I’ll be focusing on getting a more regular cadence with posts here at the blog and on the Facebook page (if you Like it, please show it!).

This year, among the many other things, I’m thankful that the fall color here in my part of the Bay Area held up later than previous years.  This allowed me to get out a few days ago to test a macro lens that I rented for the week.  I had to walk a whopping 20 feet out of my front door to find colorful leaves to photograph up close.

Colorful Autumn Leaves on Pebble Sidewalk

Colorful Autumn Leaves on Pebble Sidewalk

Between my yard and my neighbor’s are a number of Japanese Maple trees and a nearby Flowering Pear tree that are finishing up their peak color.  I found the collection of colors, textures, and patterns that these leaves make on my sidewalk a perfect place to test out the macro lens.  Check out the new Nature Macros gallery in the archive for more samples from around the yard.

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