2010 By the Numbers

While coming up with my favorites photos from 2010, I tapped into the power of Lightroom to help me quickly find all my photos from the year using a smart collection as well as all those that I had published by filtering off of my star rating system.  Since I’m a bit of a numbers guy, I immediately noticed the percentage of photos that I published verus taken.  At first I was disappointed by my photo processing efficiency of the year, but quickly realized that 2010 was a busy year for me in a lot of ways especially with Matthew joining the family.  This made me feel a bit better…  🙂

However, after looking back through my photos from 2009, I quickly realized that I wasn’t that much less efficient. So, on that front, here is a different look at my photos from 2010, by the numbers (note, this excludes all photos taken of Matthew in the past 4 months…that would skew things too much!):

(Note: by renting lenses from BorrowLenses, I was able to use such a diverse set of lenses through the year)

This makes for an interesting analysis of how frequently you use your gear.  Of course, if the photos you take with your least use lens sells the most…

In the end, it doesn’t diminish the personal satisfaction we find every time we press the shutter button. Even if we are the only ones that see most of those images…

So, what did your 2010 look like by the numbers?

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  1. Fascinating analysis and use of Lightroom, Greg. I really should put some more time into learning LR2 better. I have just been using it for editing and initial processing but do not utilize it’s DAM capabilities.


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