Life In A Day: Community Based Film

Back in July 24th, 2010 the world was asked to film their lives on that day and submit them to an online YouTube powered project called Life In A Day.  And since that day, director Kevin Macdonald and a whole team of editors whittled down over 4,500 hours of submitted video to create a 90-minute film that debuted today at Sundance Film Festival (and was streamed live at the Live In A Day website).

If your interests have expanded into Video, take some time to watch this video.  Apparently it will be rebroadcast on their YouTube channel on Friday January 28th at 7pm locally.  I found out about it after the day of filming but before the submission deadline.  Luckily I had recorded some video that day of the World Wide Photo Walk that I attended in San Francisco.  Not sure if my clip made it (I doubt it, as I had not followed the key directives for the day) but it still feels great to think that I contributed…and watching the bits of the film that I caught tonight has inspired me to work more on video in the future.

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