Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates 75th Anniversary

This past weekend the Golden Gate Bridge celebrated it’s 75th anniversary. All weekend long there were events being held near the bridge with the culmination being a fireworks display last night with some of the fireworks coming off the bridge itself.

With the recent addition of Caitlin to the family, we were not able to attend the fireworks in person. The trick with fireworks is to plan to photograph them upwind and capture as many images as possible early in the show; upwind so as they progress the smoke from earlier fireworks are blown behind the current fireworks and allows the potential for additional photos. Thus the best place to have photographed the fireworks last night would have been from the Marin Headlands with San Francisco and the fireworks behind the bridge. Not an ideal place to take a one week old baby!

As a distance second place to having experienced them in person, there were a number of fellow photographers on hand to record and share the experience as well as  video crews sponsored by KFOG (who simulcast the music sound track for the fireworks).

Here is the full fireworks.  Play this on the biggest screen you have and make sure you have HD streaming turn on…

If you want to view still photos take from the night, check out photos of the fireworks posted on g+.

My wife and her family saw the 50th Anniversary show and she thought the fireworks show for the 75th (as we saw in the above video) was much better.  Our only solace about missing this in person is to image what the 100th Anniversary will be like given the amount of technology advancements that will happen in the next 25 years.

We’re already planning on a family celebration of Catilin’s birthday and the bridge’s anniversary in 2037!

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  1. I agree being upwind is key. That night there was almost no wind to blow away the smoke. Kirby Cove would have been a good place too.


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