New Year New Project

2009 4th of July Fireworks at Pleasanton, CA Fairground

2009 4th of July Fireworks at Pleasanton, CA Fairground

Happy 2016!

It’s hard to believe that the above photo was from five and a half years ago…the last year that we had any city sponsored fireworks in the Tri-Valley.  A large part of the ban was due to the un-seasonal dry conditions (at first) and later because of the drought.  Now that we are expecting an El Nino winter, it will be interesting to see if the cities will renew the fireworks traditions this coming July.  Drought, legal, and budgetary concerns may still prevail…we’ll see.

Beyond today being the start of a New Year, it’s also the start of a new project for me.  I’m challenging myself with a 365+1 Photo a Day project.  In case you were unaware, 2016 is a leap year.  And 2016 will be the year that I’m leaping back into my photo archive.

The goal of my 2016 Photo A Day project will be to post one new (previously unpublished) photo a day all year long here on the blog.

These photos will consist of both new and old photos.  I’ve had a someday task of  scrubbing through the backlog of the offline photo archive for years now…an archive that has only continued to grow each year. And this year is the year. I’m also hoping that a side effect of the project will be re-building some photographic muscle memory that has faded since the kids came along.  I’m suspecting that due to other life duties many days will be just the photo with sparse words.  I also suspect that you may find a few family photos along the way.  I’m keeping the goal wide angled.

You can follow along here at the blog, in the project gallery, or on social media (Facebook, Twitter) where I’ll post links to the blog posts. I’m looking forward to the encouragement and support from my photography community to help me with this goal.  And if you really enjoy some of the day’s photos, please show it by sharing it!  With your help I look forward to my community expanding along the year.  And don’t be shy with the comments…

As always, you can click through on the photos to find them in my online archive where Art Prints and stock licensing is available.

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