Winter Tree Formation (26 of 366)

Winter Tree Formation at Sunset

2016 Photo a Day, 26 of 366: Winter Tree Formation at Sunset

What is your connection with the land?

Some have a spiritual connection. Some have a historical connection. Some have a physical connection.

Every tree that you see in this formation was planted by my father sometime in the past 20 years.  This formation of trees sits on the back half of his property in Wisconsin.  Many of the trees that you see in the distance along the edge of the forest were planted by him about 4o or 45 years ago.  A few of the walnut trees that are in his back yard were given to him by his long passed Brother 40 years ago; while a few were given to him by his long passed father-in-law 30 or 40 years ago.

This is a different type of connection with the land than most of us have…a connection that makes this his land much more than the small plot of land that I’ve owned in California for the past 10 years is mine.

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