Meandering Snow Bank (27 of 366)

Meandering Snow Banks

2016 Photo a Day, 27 of 366: Meandering Snow Bank

Personally, there is something about how a small stream up in the Sierra Nevada mountains can cut through a field of snow and create this wonderful meandering line for the eye to follow.  It creates a small item of interest in the grander landscape that is the Sierra Nevada.

Developing Technique: it’s always hard to develop photos of winter landscapes…getting the balance of details in the snow with the proper whiteness is hard.  Surprisingly, I’ve found that the Dehaze feature of Lightroom can again come to your rescue.  By applying a small to medium amount of dehazing, you can regain some of the texture of the snow without making it fell to dirty.  Like most adjustments it’s a balancing act and when you get it to where it looks good, back it off a few more notches to make it feel nature.  This is in addition to adjusting the highlights, whites, and exposure…it’s a dance of multiple adjustments.

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