Measuring our Place (58 of 366)

Measuring Our Place

2016 Photo a Day, 58 of 366: Measuring Our Place

I warned that this project might include some family photos…and here is my son measuring his place in the world against the might of the Pacific Ocean.  The same ocean that a few minutes earlier caught his sister off guard.  During our weekend at the coast, the two of them were down near the water’s edge and a sneaker wave came in.  We called to them to come back in and as they were running back toward us the water surround them and tripped up my daughter.  She ended up soaked in sea water and sand.  Something that my wife and I have learned to expect from her and trips to the beach.

Of course, tonight while reviewing the photos from this weekend I get a “you didn’t get a photo of that” from my wife.  I’m sure if I had I would have gotten a “you were more worried about a picture than your daughter” the moment of.  🙂

I love the way he’s standing there pondering the ocean, how the waves in the distance are so much bigger then him, and his slight reflection in the sand.  I’m predicting this one will make my favorites of the year list…

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