Rolling Motion IV – The Source (57 of 366)

Rolling Motion Abstract IV (The Source)

2016 Photo a Day, 57 of 366: Rolling Motion Abstract IV (The Source)

I figured the past few day’s photos may have people wondering “what the heck is that anyway?”.  Well, here is the source of the motion.  Those photos are of an exhibit at San Francisco’s Exploratorum, where there is a table that is the bottom half of a sphere and there are different sized rings that kids can roll or spin across the table.  It’s mesmerizing to watch these rings roll back and forth…and with the spot light on the table it makes for great abstract photos.  In the above photo one of the kids was reaching out for the ring just as I decided to take a picture.

(2/28: Updated title from 56 of 366 to 57 of 366…side effect of posting late at night after a day running around the beach with the kids…)

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